HP Selections is a boutique wine import and distribution company based in New York City. We pride ourselves on choosing honest, terroir-driven wines that properly reflect their origin, varietal character, and quality of vintage.

We believe that family is at the forefront of our success, and we seek out producers, growers, and négociants with similar values who respect the history of the wine, the traditions of the winemaker, and the land from which it is created.

We believe that wine should be accessible to all, and our team takes pride in creating an environment for exploration rather than judgment. We offer wines at every price point, ensuring that guests in restaurants and retail stores can indulge in the growers we love both by the glass and by the bottle.

Our roots are in hospitality, and we believe that wine belongs on the table, paired with food and friends, to be both shared and savored. We encourage you to explore our individual producer’s pages and learn about the people who make our wines, the land on which it is cultivated, and the process through which it evolves from grape to glass.