Benoit Trocard Introduces Chardonnay to Bordeaux

Benoit Trocard, the son of winemaker and chateau owner Jean-Louis Trocard, is known as an innovator throughout Bordeaux. His family has owned property on the right bank of Bordeaux since 1620 and currently manages ten chateaux across seven appellations, producing over 60,000 cases of wine each year. As a region that respects tradition and history above all else, planting Chardonnay is almost sinful to the people that call St. Emilion their home. Yet Benoit believes Bordeaux needs to reinvent its image while challenging the preconceived boundaries of viticulture. He is the first to plant Chardonnay in Lussac, where the unique terroir will add complexity to this versatile grape. Check out the entire article from WineSearcher here.